Addition of Real Time Functionality to Our oneTap Badges

Blendology is pleased to announce the addition of real-time functionality to our popular oneTap Badges.

Our continued program of development aims to keep our core technology up to date and in line with current trends in the event technology space. One of our main product development priorities has been to provide delegates with their connections as soon as they make them. Last year we trialed real-time upload capability at a number of events, and this functionality is now enabled in all of our badges and available to all upcoming events.

Previously, delegates would have to wait until after the event to be able to view the details of the people they had connected with during the event. With the recent surge in smartphone usage and apps accompanying events, delegates are now looking to have this kind of information available to them immediately. Blendology’s next generation of oneTap badges now have the ability to connect to hubs distributed throughout the venue, which will upload the connections made by delegates seamlessly, and in real-time, as they are made.

Our technology encourages more people to connect and have fun, we make connecting easy, requiring only a simple tap of badges, and this has created a new kind of ice breaker among delegates. Delegates have access to these connections immediately via our Web App and upcoming Mobile Apps on Compatible devices.

Event Organisers also have a high level view of the interactions taking place at their event, in real-time. By strategically placing Hubs around the venue, anonymous footfall analysis is possible in the event space. Event Organisers can further incentivise delegates to connect with one another with gamification points and competitions, which are open to everyone due to all of the delegates having a oneTap badge.

Blendology’s interactive oneTap badges incorporate networking, location tracking and footfall analysis into the name badges that are given to delegates for the duration of the event. The new real-time functionality is now included as standard, with room counting and footfall as extras.

An example of room counting and footfall analysis over the course of an event.

Blendology is a provider of interactive networking technologies in the events industry. The company's patented oneTap technology allows people to connect seamlessly with a simple tap. To use Blendology's products at your next event, contact us here.

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