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Blendology’s OneTap patented technology allows people to connect seamlessly with a simple tap


Connecting has never been easier

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How Blendology Works


A simple tap! Lights and a buzz confirm your real-time connections


Search and log in to current or previous events


View your real-time Blendology timeline to display all of your connections


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Host or register for a succesful Blendology powered event


Seamless and automatic

Our patented OneTap technology is changing they way we interact with people.

No more missed connections. No more clutter. Blendology lets you keep track of who you meet and when you meet them. Instantly.

What our clients say about Blendology


"We used Blendology for out event at Norwegian School of Economics and we couldn’t be more pleased. From we first got in touch with them, throughout the event and after the team was fantastic. Blendology made networking easy and fun, and it was a perfect icebreaker for our delegates. We are more than happy to recommend Blendology to other event makers." [Read More]


"Blendology added so much value to our event, which was all about creating ongoing international relationships in mental health. They supported us brilliantly throughout the event, working very long hours to ensure everything went smoothly. Our delegates were very impressed with the technology and used it enthusiastically and often."


"There is no doubt that Blendology saved us time, stress and gave us a piece of technology that worked amazingly well. Everyone had fun, tapping their badges and making new contacts. I look forward to working with you again.”

"Jenny Bailey, Marketing Exec, Agile Business Conference”


"An amazing Blendology team to work with, so helpful on the day of our events and made the whole process smooth and enjoyable"


"....the digital business cards from Blendology was phenomenal!"


"We had a fantastic time using Blendology for our event and the team was simply great. Blendology made networking easy and fun in one tap!”

Latest News

  • Connecting with a Simple Tap

    Posted in News on May 21, 2018

    Flexible and Interactive e-Ink Badges Make Networking at Events Easier and More Engaging Article published by MicroChip and contributed by Bill Munday, CEO, Blendology The human engineering spirit is on a quest to digitize and automate as many operations as possible, from converting the audio on magnetic tape to high-quality digital audio capable of being streamed over the Internet, to using mobile technology and data services to develop creative new businesses like Uber. We can expect to see even more of this creative drive in years to come as artificial intelligence and robotics become mains...

  • Blendology Awarded Horizon 2020 ‘Seal of Excellence’

    Posted in News on Feb 04, 2016

    Blendology was awarded the Phase 1 SME Instrument Grant for Business Innovation earlier this year, and we are delighted to announce that we have also recently been awarded the Horizon 2020 ‘Seal of Excellence’, as our proposal exceeded all evaluation thresholds. The Horizon 2020 ‘Seal of Excellence’ certificate will help Blendology in seeking further non-diluitive under other EU Instruments, alongside our SME Instrument application. The SME Instrument allows EU based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises get EU funding and support for innovation projects that will help them establish, grow and e...

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